Thursday, June 8, 2017

BSSWC — The Honorable Mention Entries

The 2017 Brno Short Story Writing Contest received a total of 87 entries. Only three were able to win money: “New Year’s Evey” by Adam Sweet was selected as the winner and won 6,000kc. “Kuba’s Rotation” by Theo Singleton was second and earned 2,000kc. And “Dark Horse” by Maya Vusilović was third and earned 1,000kc.

It was a difficult process for the jury to decide upon the winners and it took an hour and a half of discussion, argument, and, eventually, consensus. Eight additional stories were awarded honorable mention.

This list includes the eight entries that were awarded honorable mention, in alphabetical order, with the title, the author’s name, the synopsis, and a link to the story.

Barbara Tambini
A “friends' night out” reveals something unexpected.

• Before the Light Fades Away
Veronika Baršová
A story of a girl, named Helena, whose life has changed in one day during the second world war. A story not only about love, but of the injustice and cruelty of the world, and the fact that we can never be certain about our future.

• Chime (Tweleven)
Jerguš Števko
Another Friday in Brno sets the underbelly of the city on a call to action. Clubbers need to be serviced, money is to be made, rent is to be paid. All accompanied by the ever-echoing sounds of a centuries old myth. 

• Confession of an unborn child
Tereza Málková
What if an unborn child is not that unconscious of the world around us as we think? We might know life after death but what about before-birth life, can you imagine something like this exists?

• Hrabal, In The Air
Hugh Smith
The story describes a single suspended moment in time at the end of the life of Bohumil Hrabal, in which he imagines being observed by his mother, and uses this moment to explore the ambiguities which surrounded the writer’s death.

• Imprisoned
Richard Skolek
This fictional story is built upon the known facts of an infamous and mysterious accident which happened in Brno in 1976, when a florist fell into the water distribution network and disappeared. Her remains were found in 1992 and identified in 1994.

• My Personal Prison
Anna Johanes
Taylor Riley is a 30 year old woman that suffers from a serious social phobia. She resolves to leave her appartment in Brno only in emergency and the only people she speaks to are the messengers.

• The Endless Renouncement of Feelings
Inga Morawski
A story about a young woman who moves to Brno in order to feel closer to her girlfriend Kaja who spent most of her life there. Now, this woman is waiting for Kaja to wake up from an artificial coma she was put in after a car crash.

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