Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Next BWG Meeting is Sept. 19; Deadline for Writing Prompt Submissions Sept. 12

After a two casual, outdoor, and beery summer meetings, the Brno Writers Group meeting will start to get more serious with its next meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Tentatively, the meeting will be held at Café Falk and start at 6:30 p.m.

This meeting will not have a longer work to be critiqued. Rather, it was decided that we would use the writing prompt to generate new work from anyone who wants to attend. The writing prompt is: “A humiliating summer holiday experience.” Please write a short piece (less than 1000 words) about this topic and send it to brnowritersgroup@gmail.com before Sept. 12. It will then be packaged up with all of the other submissions and sent to all of the meeting participants. This is meant to be a glorified free write. (If you dislike the writing prompt, write about anything else. Writing prompts are meant to be general in order to inspire writing.)

You do not need to complete the writing prompt if you want to attend the meeting; however, it is recommended that you read all of the work, since that is what we will be talking about.

If you would like to participate in the meeting, please send an email to brnowritersgroup@gmail.com. Bring your comments to the meeting in order to discuss the positives and negatives of each piece of work. The author gets your comments after the meeting. Hard copies are best. Or, if you cannot attend the meeting but would like to contribute, send your comments by email to BWG and they will be delivered to the author.

Future BWG meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every month and follow a similar format, although hopefully with longer pieces that we could focus upon. Material should be made available a week prior to the meeting (i.e. the second Tuesday of the month). Writing prompts will also be used to keep our writing muscles fresh.

For more information, send an email to brnowritersgroup@gmail.com

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