Thursday, June 8, 2017

Unexpected skip, by Anna Nevídalová

Unexpected skip
A brief synopsis: A short story about a caveman who gets to the present in Brno and expierences incidents while trying to get back to prehistory.


Since the old cave had been boggled down, Bug-Bug needed a new one to sleep in. He was walking a long time already and it was getting dark. There were a lot of ferns around, but still no cave. Bug-Bug was tired and hungry. Suddenly a big hill appeared in front of him. He climbed up on the hill with a little hope in his eyes and there was actually a little cave! He plucked one large leaf from the fern, because he needed something to cover with and walked into the cave. He was so exausted that he didn´t notice a really weird blue light which was shining all around the cave. He laid down, covered himself and fell asleep as soon as he placed his head on the ground.

Bug-Bug woke up because of an annoying noise, he hadn´t heard before. He sat and realized that he was not in the cave anymore. He was sitting under a big tree. There were weird dressing people walking around and looking strangely at him. They were wearing colorful clothes and some of them had a rope in their hands and on its other end was chained a strange four-legged animal. Bug-Bug thought it might be a wolf, but he was so confused, that he couldn´t think clearly.
  He stood up trying to keep calm. How did I get here? He was trying to get away really fast. Suddenly there appeard a big iron moving thing and almost killed him. He was so scared. There were huge buildings all around he had never seen before. He skipped to the small blind street and hid behind a big dustbin, breathing heavily.
„Hello,“ he suddenly heard somebody talking, „who are you?“  Bug-Bug peered from his hiding place and saw a little girl in a yellow summer dress.
 „Who are you and why are you wearing this funny clothes?“ she asked again.
„I´m Bug-Bug and who are you? And where am I?“ said Bug-Bug fearfully.
„I´m April and you are in Brno. It is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. I learnt this at school.“
Brno? It sounds really funny! But he didn´t say it aloud. He also didn´t know what the city was. The girl was shamelessly staring at him. He decided to use her interest.
„Could you please bring me some normal clothes? I´m so prominent in this!“
„Of course, wait a second, there is a bin with old clothes. We will find something.“
   It took about 20 minutes and Bug-Bug finally looked similar like other people.
„Look at you! You look normal! Haha! And why were you wearing that awful outfit? Have you been at carnival?“ asked April and laughed a little.
„No, I haven´t. I usually live in a forest and sleep in a cave. I normally dress like this. And I have never seen those huge iron things over there. One of them almost killed me! The only thing I´m afraid of at my home are dinosaurs and mammoths! I don´t know where I´m right now. I´m so scared and confused! Could you please help me to get out of here?“
„Wow!“ she covered her mouth with a hand, „Are you trying to say, that you are from … prehistory?“
Bug-Bug shrugged. „If you say so. I don´t know what that means. So, will you help me?“
She nodded. „Of course I will! But you have to tell me everything about your home! I love prehistory!“
 They slowly set forth on their journey. That little girl seemed really happy to spend time with Bug-Bug, he didn´t know why.
„Wait a second, we will go by tram and I have to buy you a ticket,“ she told him and let him wait in the corner. He had no idea what she was going to do, but he decided to trust her. She seemed so nice and he needed a help at the moment!
   It took for about 3 minutes and she came back. She was holding a really strange little piece of paper  in her hand. She gave it to him.
„What is this?“ he asked.
„Ahh, I forgot you are from prehistory! Ok, I will do it.“
After these words few people turned to them.
„Shh,“ whispered Bug-Bug, „ whatever you said, you cannot talk so loudly!“
„Okay, I´m sorry!“ girl apologized. „The tram is coming, come on!“
  They got on the tram. He sat in the seat and he was timorously looking around. Suddenly the door closed and the tram started moving . Bug-Bug shouted out silently.
„Don´t worry, “ said April, trying to keep him calm, „it´s okay, I´m going to show you the city centre now!“
  A few minutes later they took off the tram and started walking along the street. There was a really tall horse, or maybe a giraffe with a man sitting on his back, in the centre of the square.
„Hey, “ Bug-Bug stopped, „ who is this? He looks really dangerous!“
April smiled. „It´s just a statue of Jošt. It hasn´t been here for so long!“
Bug-Bug was staring at the statue just a little longer and then they continued walking.
„ Can I ask you something?“ he said.
„ Of course.“
„ How can you live here? This place is so scary, so strange! I cannot be here any longer! But I think I have no choice now.“
„It´s my home. I love this city. I have spent most of my life here. I go to school here. But I understand your feelings! You don´t know this world and that´s why you are scared! “
While she was talking, more and more different people appeared. Bug-Bug got closer to April, because he was worried that one of them might hurt him.
  Suddenly a big spacious place appeared in front of them.
„This is the square of Freedom,“ said April, „ and you can see our big black clock here. Look.“
She pointed in the direction of the clock and laughed.
„What is a clock?“ asked Bug-Bug.
A clock is an instrument to measure, keep, and indicate time, “ explained April.
„How could you even measure time?“ Bug-Bug was really surprised.
„Oh, never mind, it is too hard to explain,“ said April and turned into a side street. He followed her.     
  There were huge breathtaking buildings all around. They were towering above him. He felt so small.
  They were walking around a green rubbish bin. It smelled really weird. He stopped and started to pull things out, because he wanted to find out what is inside. People started looking at him weirdly again. April was trying to stop him.
„Hey! You cannot do this! It´s a trash! Something people used and threw out! It´s disgusting!“ she yelled at him. Her angry voice frightened him so he stopped doing that.
  A few minutes later, they came on a little hill. There was a really huge building, bigger than others in the city.
„It´s the cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul.“
Bug-Bug clouded over.  „You know, I don´t know what a cathedral means!“
„I know, “ grinned April, „ but now you already know it!“
  Bug-Bug stepped up to the low wall. He looked around. There was an amazing view there. But all at once, he started to miss his home. Silent forest, where you could find just trees, grass and from time to time a little stream. Here are just big buildings everywhere, many people, almost no trees and something really annoying in the air, forcing him to sneeze all the time.
  Suddenly he heard a new sound and also a vibration. He looked at April who had just pulled a vibrating device out from her pocket and put it toward her ear.
„Hello, mum,“ she said to the thing, „Yes, of course... Okay, I´ll be there. Bye.“
She returned it into her pocket.
„What was it?“ asked Bug-Bug confusedly.
„It was a phone. Thanks to this device, you can talk with other people who are far away. Hey, now I have to meet my mum. So, would you wait for me in the city centre? I´ll be back in few minutes, one hour maximum.“
He could´t imagine how long it was, but he agreed.
  April sat him on a bench at the same square they had been before, in front of a building, where people were going in and out all the time, and she went away. He started to be interested what is inside, so he stood up and went to find it out.  When he wanted to enter, the door was just closing. He dodged back and waited until the door opened again. Then he finally entered.
  He recognized, what was everywhere inside this place. They were shoes, because a lot of people took it and tried it on their feet. He chose one of them and tried to put them on. They fit him very well. He was satisfied and he decided to come back to his place on the bench. But at the moment, when he passed the door, a really annoying sound resounded and some strange woman inside started to shout: „ Thief! Thief! Catch him!“
 He was so confused and scared, that he started to run straight through the square and he didn´t notice a tram arriving from the left...

Bug-Bug woke up and opened his eyes. He tried to move, but he was fixed and everything hurt him. He was lying in a soft blanket and everything around was white. He could smell a pungent odor in the air.
  The door creaked and a young woman in a white dress came in.
„Hello, how are you feeling?“ she asked. She was smiling and she looked nice at all.  Bug-Bug didn´t answer.
„It could be much worse,“ she continued talking, ,,but the tram driver saw you and tried to brake as fast as he could. But what happend happend. Are you hungry?“
Bug-Bug slowly shook his head. „ Where am I? “ he asked.
„In the hospital. And you will stay here, for a while. You have a broken leg, bruised wrist and a concussion. We have to keep an eye on you.“
„ Where is April?“
„ Who?“ Nurse looked at him suspiciously.
„ My friend, April, I should meet her in one hour!“
„In one hour? From when?“
„I don´t know...,“ admitted Bug-Bug.
„Hm... Some visiters came to see you,“ said the nurse and her behaviour was suddenly as cold as a frozen water. She left the room and two men in blue uniforms came in.
„Hello, Mr... We don´t know your name yet. We are policemen and we need to talk to you. You will be probably arrested for shoplifting soon. You stole a pair of shoes. Do you remember that?“
„I did .. what? “ Bug-Bug was really confused. He didn´t realize he would had done something bad. Beacuse it seemed to him that it was bad.
„ You stole it, Mr... what is your name?“
„ Bug-Bug.“
„ And your surname?“
 „My what?“
„ Don´t play with us! “
„ I really don´t know, what are you talking about or who you are... I´m sorry...“
Bug-Bug was really confused. Policemen seemed to be very angry.
„Well,“ said the one on the left, „we will come later. And I hope, you will remember everything. Have a nice day.“
And then they left and Bug-Bug was left alone.
  He turned out the bed and looked around. There was a window behind the corner. He looked outside. The ground was for about one meter from the window. He tried to climb out of the window, but he hit his head. There was a glass! So he tried to open the window and after few minutes he succeed. He was limping because of his broken leg and he couldn´t use both hands, but finally, he climbed out of the window.
  He was standing on the street, not knowing what to do. Fortunately, there was just a lawn and no people around. He was wearing a white hospital shirt, which didn´t look normal.
  He suddenly heard someone whispering. „Hey! Bug-bug!“ He turned, scared that it was a doctor, who wanted him to come back to the hospital. But it was April! She was standing at the end of the street, waving at him. She had clothes in her left hand. He slowly came to her, his leg still really hurt.
„Hello! Where have you been?“ Bug-Bug asked her. He was very happy to see her.
„They didn´t let me in the hospital. But we need to hurry now! I thought you would be dressed like this, so I brought you these clothes. And come on, I want to show you something. We will take the tram coming in few minutes!“ Bug-Bug was too confused to answer, so he just changed his hospital clothes.

  After about half an hour, they got off the tram and went to a huge building. When they entered, Bug-Bug stopped. He was really shocked.
„What is this place?“ he asked. „What is this? I don´t want to be here!“
  There were mammoths all around. Huge and scary, how he remembered them from his home.
„Don´t worry, they are not real. We are in Anthropos of Brno. I just wanted to show you that we know your time!“ She seemed really proud while she was telling it.
He nodded. „Okay... So... How did they get here?“
„They are made by people. They have never been real. But I really like this place,“ smiled April.
  Bug-Bug was looking around. Suddenly he saw that one of the mammoths looked pretty similar like...
„Larry! He looks like Larry!“
He forgot about his broken leg and ran against the mammoth. The mammoth suddenly revived and started to roar. Bug-Bug stopped and felt that he was loosing his consciousness. The last things he heard before he fainted were shouting April and roaring mammoth.

  Bug-Bug woke up. He was lying back in the cave. He didn´t have any injury, but his head hurt.
All at once, he heard a friendly roar. He came out from the cave and saw Larry, slowly going toward him. He hadn´t seen Larry for years! Once Larry had lost and Bug-Bug had thought that he had died. But now he was here, happy and alive. Bug-Bug was really confused, but on the other hand, very happy too. He met his best friend again! Larry came to him and licked his face. Bug-Bug pat him.
„What a weird dream…“ he said.

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