Thursday, June 8, 2017

In your dream..., by Magdaléna Milková

In your dream...
When you sleep, everything is possible

In this story I tell you about my dream. In this dream I met my grandfather and he told my about his ring. I went search this ring.


In my dream...
            I went along the Brno's river Svratka and suddenly I saw rise some person from the river. At first it was shrouded in fog, but later contours began clarify.
            Contours are clarified and clarified... Until I identified, that this is my grandfather. Valiant man, which is full of determination. My grandfather walked toward me. He wanted to talk with me...
            With courage, that is close to me, I walked nearer him. The water keeped me and I reached up to him. He hugged me and I started crying.
            He said: “Why are you crying, my dear? I want to say something to you.“ His voice had gorgeous honeyed tone. He was humble and gentle.
            I was afraid from this. I stay at night, on water, I hug with the fog (my grandfather)...
            “Listen me well,“ he continued. “At the bottom of this river is a ring with blue stone. It is one, that I imported from a war one hundred years ago. At this time the ring has enormous value. And I know, that you need money. You need repay a mortgage.“
            “You are very good, grandfather, but I don't know, where I can find it.“ I answered.
            “Just when you will listen your inner voice. This voice takes you to the ring. Now I must go. The water call me...“ He finished and began slowly disappeared. The outlines faded and my grandfather disappeared all.
            My inner voice said me: “You must jump. Now.“ I listened and jumped. The water level opened and slowly absorbed me. I didn't feel chill. I slowly beared to the bottom. I swam along a rocks and I appeared local magical world. I saw dancing fairies, a floating catfish in a suit and a pike with her babies.
            I stopped on a crossroad. Where I must go on? On one sign is an inscription “Love“. On the second sign is wrote “Courage“. Which I had to choose? My grandfather was dribling, but also loving...
            After short consideration Iwent road “Love“. Why did he appeared me? Because he loves me. This way will be correct.
            And really. In a rock cranny, stuffed with moss, was glowing gorgeous ring.
            Moment I just stared. This splendor I have never seen... Then I felt lack of oxygen under water. Quickly I picked up the ring and swam up.

            When I touched a mainland. I felt weakness. I was tired and cold. I needed warm tea and made-up bed. During a journey home I tripped twenty times over my feet. But it didn't matter. Mainly, that I was at home. Neither I did'nt brush my teeth. I jumped straight to my bed.

My alarm clock rings. It is morning and I must get up. Brush my teeth, dress up, take a bag and I fly... directly to school. In Brno's bus number 67 I still ponder my beautiful yesterday's dream..

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