Thursday, June 8, 2017

Adventures With Giant Ants, by Lucie Fajmonová

 Adventures With Giant Ants
Anna and David runs before giant ants. They have to find someone who will help them.


Anna and David stand on corner Rooseveltova street and Kobližná street. David looks with interest three-meter sculpture of in front of him.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" ask Anna.
David narrows his eyes and looks even more closely at the objet ahead of him. "What it should be?"
"It are bulbs."
"Yes, bulbs."
"Why they are here?"
"It's a tribute to Edison."
"Who is Edison?"
Anna laugh. "You didn't learn it in school, yet?"
David silently shakes his head with his eyes staring to the ground. Anna smiles at him. "Of course, you're only in third grade. I will tell you it."
David looks up to her with interest and Anna starts explain. "Edison was an inventor. His a whole name is Thomas Alva Edison. Thanks to him you can read your favourite comics in evening, when is dark outside. Thanks to him you can turn on your lamp on bedside table. Bulb inside her, give you a light that you need for reading. It was Edison, who technologically improved light bulb production and patented them. It so much better than light from candles, don't you think?"
"Yes, sure it is. Thanks, Adison!" Anna laugh. "Let's go further."


"How long you stay with me?"
"What do you mean with that?"
"My mom said that you will graduate next year and that you maybe would will want go to the another city or maybe even another country."
"She said that? Yeah, I have to be honest with you. I want to be honest to you. Right now I am in my penultimate year at university. If I to pass the exams successfully I get diploma. After this I can continue with studies at Charles University. They have excellent programme for me. But I am also attracted by the idea go to abroad."
"Because I wanna to experience new adventures, David."
"You can experience new adventures with me."
"Yes, it's true." Anna smiled at him. They stopped at the corner of Orlí street and Josefská street.
"Why we stopped?"
"Look up."
David lifted his head and looked at the yellow house. There were a lot of giant ants. He started to count them.
"How many ants you see?"
David's eyes suddenly brightened. "Too many!"
Anna and David could not look away from them. Suddenly they saw a slight movement. They looked at itself in a sudden understanding. "RUUUUN!!"
They were running at the highest speed they were capable of. "Are they behind us?"
David looked up through his shoulder and saw many and many gigantic ants. When two of them collided, they split and were here four of them.
"They are multiplying!"
"Faster, David. Faster! Three cocks can help us!"


“"How you want to ask them for help, Anna?" David asked.
Anna blinked at him. "I can to speak their secret language."
"Seriously?" David looked at her.
"Seriously," said Anna and she started unseriously squawk like a hen.
The cocks came down from the roof down to them. The one of them with orange feathers looked in Anna's eyes. She just pointed at ants behind them. They were already close to them. Cocks nodded and together with his colleagues flew in that direction. Anna turned to the David. "We have to hurry. Cosks are only little distraction. Only Jošt can save us."


When they arrived at Square of Freedom, a lot of people were there. "What's going to here?"
"Easter markets."
"Oh, Easter! I almost forgot!" David smiled. He turned his neck back. After the giant ants there were no traces. Anna noticed something in his face. "What's up?"
"Can we end this game? I think that the giant ants were pretty cool. We can state that cocks got them all on their own with their superpower. They didn't need help from Jošt, okey?"
"Okey, why?"
"Because is Easter markets here. Let's go buy something."
Anna laughed and they together disappeared in crowd.

The End

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