Thursday, June 7, 2018

BSSWC-2 — The Honorable Mention Entries

The 2018 Brno Short Story Writing Contest received a total of 51 entries. Only a few were able to win money: “Over the Fields under Bile Karpaty” by John Derhak was selected as the winner and won 6,000kc. “The Encounter” by Beatrix Turán was second and earned 2,000kc. “What If Mo Stood For Moses” by Jessica Sofizade and “Out of the Box” by Simon Botten where both third and both get 1,000kc.

It was a difficult process for the jury to decide upon the winners and it took an hour and a half of discussion, argument, and, eventually, consensus. Seven additional stories were awarded honorable mention.

This list includes the seven entries that were awarded honorable mention, in alphabetical order, with the title, the author’s name, the synopsis, and a link to the story.

• Gravity
by Jan Suda
I always wondered how our little cube looked from outside,  but if I knew. I’ve never would have left.

• Jack
by Rita Collins
The gift of a simple toy stretches people’s memories and experiences.  What comes out of the box is not always what one might expect.

• Nice to Meet You, Valerie
by Silvia Divékyová
Ella has never attended a funeral before and now she is supposed to mourn her scary grandmother, but she does not know how to mourn her. Instead, she wanders off following a cat and finds herself in a forest, where she meets beautiful Valerie.

• The Cerna Pole Kid
by Yiğit Tokgöz
The dog walking of a foreigner who has anxiety towards authorities turns into an action-packed adventure in Brno after meeting a kid with a box in a public garden.

• The Moon In the Sky, the Stars and I’ll Die
by Inga Morawski
A girl takes a social media break and is confronted with herself, which makes her think about life, and eventually about death, too. Trying to find herself, she understands her mortality and starts to desperately look for answers that give her life a meaning, which, after she talks to her parents about it, might be love.

• The Last Time
by Jack Stephens
They were young and in love, of that no-one had any doubt. But when a relationship this intimate begins to turn sour, you can't always predict what will come out of the box. 

• Unrequited Love
by Veronika Jirků
Pain is not linear, it’s circular. It tends to pay more visits than one.

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